Rideshare Green Light Hub Chicago

So hi and welcome to ubergreenlighthubChicago.com. I mentioned the address of that specific location underneath this video and the opening times. I myself, I’m available 365 days a year for any question, so you’re welcome to email or text me. My details are underneath this video and 99% of the time I can answer them, okay. I’ve been in business for almost four and a half years, have 27 of my own cars are there’s no story I really haven’t heard out there. So I hope I can help you in Chicago but again like I said if you want to, you’re more than welcome to reach out to me. You can go to the greenlight hub. Usually they will deal with activation and deactivation issues. It’s always good to see a live personal there, you check in they’ll text you the desk number and the person who will be helping you. I suggest taking down the date and the time and the person you spoke to and if need be you can always escalate it up to the manager if you feel like you’re not getting the attention that you deserve, okay. So I’m excited to help you, if you want to join in Chicago, if you want to learn how to make more money in Chicago, I have all the links beneath this video. Have a great day.

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